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"I believe I had one of the more difficult cases, and certainly one
of the more uncooperative ex-partners. While I wish my judge were less of a wild card, I was happy to be represented by you. You have been responsive, professional, and from everthing I can tell, have given me sound legal advice. Without you and ADAM in my corner, the quality of life for my children would suffer tremendously."

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The American Divorce Association for Men (ADAM) in Southfield, Michigan, is a group of highly qualified attorneys who advocate for men’s rights in divorce, child custody and parenting time, paternity, support, property settlement, post judgment modifications, and other family law matters. Our philosophy since 1988 has been aggressive, diligent, and uncompromising representation of our clients.
Men involved in family law disputes need strategic guidance and professional decision making through times that can be extremely stressful. The issues of husbands and fathers are part of an equation that demands recognition from the courts, as well as from other lawyers, wives, mothers, children, and all who are affected by family law issues. Our clients benefit from a team of compassionate and skilled family law attorneys who have experienced countless successful mediations and trials. Here is a very gratifying comment demonstrating that what we do makes a difference in the lives of our clients and their children.
"Without you and ADAM in my corner, the quality of life for my children would suffer tremendously."
We are dedicated to being Michigan's leading divorce attorneys for men and practice a policy of integrity in all our dealings. Our approach is to listen, return calls promptly, keep our clients prepared and informed, and understand their priorities and concerns.
While we cannot promise specific results, as a client, you can expect ethical, professional service tailored to your unique family law situation.
Contact us today for a free phone consultation with a family law attorney who is experienced, qualified, and understanding of the male perspective.

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