Navigating domestic violence charges can be a challenging and complex process. In this article, we’ll explore three potential strategies that individuals facing domestic violence charges in Michigan can consider to seek dismissal of their case.

Trial Preparation:

If you believe you are wrongly accused or caught in a setup, consider opting for a trial instead of pleading guilty. Avoiding a guilty plea gives you the opportunity to let the legal process unfold and assess the situation more thoroughly. Trials can be challenging, especially in domestic violence cases, but with the right attorney, strategic cross-examination, and evidence presentation, you may secure a not guilty verdict. Remember, properly preparing for trial is crucial; it is often the best way to achieve a favorable outcome.

Do not plead guilty, often the only way you will lose this case is by giving in to a plea deal.

Strong Defense with Early Negotiation:

Having a strong defense is key to beating domestic violence charges. If you possess evidence that contradicts the allegations, such as proof of the victim’s dishonesty or a clean criminal record, leverage this information. Your attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor before the court hearing, presenting your case and potentially persuading them to dismiss or reduce the charges. This proactive approach may lead to a more favorable resolution without the need for a trial.

You should be consulting with an attorney and creating a strategy as early in the process as possible.

Pre-Court and Pre-Charge Intervention:

Seeking legal advice early on is crucial. By involving an attorney before charges are filed or before court proceedings, you may prevent being charged in the first place. A skilled attorney can analyze the situation, address misunderstandings, and, if necessary, communicate with the prosecutor. In some cases, timely intervention has led to the dismissal of charges, sparing individuals from legal complications, time, and undue stress. An early consultation with an attorney can be a valuable investment in your defense.


Facing domestic violence charges is a serious matter, but understanding your legal options can empower you to make informed decisions. Whether you opt for a trial, focus on building a strong defense, or seek early legal intervention, having the right attorney by your side is crucial. At the American Divorce Association for Men, we specialize in family law and criminal defense, providing comprehensive support to our clients facing complex legal situations. If you’re dealing with domestic violence charges, divorce, or custody issues in Michigan, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.