Recently ADAM Attorney, Frank L. Briguglio, successfully intervened on a pre-existing support case in Wayne County Circuit Court under the Revocation of Paternity Act. This law provides standing, i.e. the ability for a party to seek custody and parenting time, in situations where a man fathers a child with a married woman. Under previous Michigan law, such a man could not seek custody or parenting time.

In this particular case, the client fathered his son with a woman who was married to an incarcerated man. The client and his son’s mother raised the child as their own for over three years until mother’s husband was paroled. At that point, the mother denied all parenting time to the client. ADAM filed the appropriate motion to have the mother’s husband removed as the father from the birth certificate and replace him with the actual father of the child.  Once paternity was established, the client obtained custodial rights and parenting time.

This case highlights the importance of consulting with experienced family law attorneys and not making assumptions about one’s rights, or lack of rights.  That being said, the Revocation of Paternity Act is a complex law and has numerous requirements that must be satisfied in order for a man that is not the husband of a married woman to pursue custody and parenting time. Men finding themselves in this situation should contact ADAM as soon as possible to discuss their case.

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