Have you become suspicious of your wife’s activities? Are you wondering if she is having an extramarital affair or is otherwise up to no good?

Be careful when it comes to using a GPS to track your spouse’s moves when she is in her vehicle. A GPS is commonly used to receive communication from a tracking device for various purposes. In Michigan, however, it is illegal to install a tracking device on another individual’s vehicle pursuant to MCL 750.539l.

There are some exceptions as follows:

  • A parent or guardian may use a GPS receiver to track a vehicle that their minor child is using and which the parent or guardian owns.
  • A licensed private investigator may use a GPS receiver so long as the investigator is attempting to secure evidence to be used before a court, board, officer, or investigating committee.

This would mean that, under certain circumstances, you could hire a private investigator to track your spouse’s vehicle through a GPS receiver.