Let’s say that your spouse has been committing adultery for years.  Adultery is a big betrayal to say the least; but will that come into play during your divorce case?  The short answer is that it can have some impact.

Because Michigan is what is known as a “no-fault” state for divorce, there is some confusion about this topic.  Being a “no-fault” state simply means that you or your spouse do not need a reason to file for divorce.  If you want a divorce, you will get one.  This is an important distinction because years ago you had to have a reason such as adultery or abuse to get divorced in Michigan, or you simply could not get one.

Michigan law does, however, allow fault to be a factor in the terms of a divorce.  Your spouse cheating on you can be relevant in property division, a claim for spousal support, as well as in a custody dispute.

The impact of infidelity varies.  It is important to discuss the details of your situation with an experienced divorce attorney so they have all the facts and are in a good position to give you the best advice possible.

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