We get this question quite frequently – “My wife moved out. Can I change the locks?”

A potential client will call looking for advice. His spouse moved out and is living somewhere else. Can he legally change the locks? Can the wife legally break into the home if she wants to return?

The short answer is “no.” You do not legally have the right to change the locks on a house and prevent your wife from re-entering the home under such circumstances. There are other circumstances, however, where you may have the right to change the locks on your wife.

Changing Locks During Separation or Divorce

Once you file for divorce, you can petition the Court for an order signed by the Judge that gives you exclusive use of the home. This order does allow you to change the locks to the home and prevent your wife from re-entering.

If your wife has committed some sort of act of violence towards you, then you may be able to get a Personal Protection Order (PPO) signed in the county where you live. A PPO can stipulate that your wife is not allowed to come to the house at all, or even to come near you.

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