Have you ever thought about how to divide your personal property if you are getting divorced?  As a practical matter, you cannot both get the toaster.  So at some point during a divorce you will need to consider how to replace the items that you no longer have, whether it’s a television, a couch, or a chair.  According to a CNN article, a department store in London, England, has a gift registry intended to make life a little easier for couples who divorce. UK store launches divorced gift registry, CNN, by Phil Han, January 19, 2010.

The London store Debenham’s has a divorce gift registry service available, following increased popularity of divorce greeting cards and divorce celebration parties, including cake.  So now, if you’re getting divorced, you can register for the items that you will need for your new life:  dishes, small appliances, bedding.  If your friends and family want to know what they can do to help, you can refer them to your gift registry.  Could this be coming to the United States?  You never know.