A client recently retained ADAM to assist him in determining if he was the biological father of a one-year-old child.  He had an established relationship with the child and was giving the mother over $500.00 per month in support.  He was also exercising regular parenting time, driving back-and-forth across the state to spend time with the child.  The client had always assumed he was the child’s father, but there was no Affidavit of Parentage or court order naming him as the child’s father.  When the client came to us he relayed recent events that caused him to suspect he may not be the child’s father.

ADAM attorney, Dion Roddy filed a paternity suit on his behalf against the mother. The Judge ordered the parties to submit to genetic testing.  While initially the mother seemed in favor of testing, she began to cause delays.  Meanwhile, she insisted our client pay a past due child care bill in excess of $1,200.   Mr. Roddy advised him not to bow to the mother’s pressure and pay this bill while the test results were pending.  The mother finally submitted to testing and it was discovered that, sure enough, our client was not the father.  While he was disappointed that the child was not his, he was relieved and grateful to know the truth.  With the help of ADAM, our client was able to avoid a child support obligation that would have been quite costly given the very young age of the child.

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