The American Divorce Association for Men (ADAM), one of southeast Michigan’s premier family law firms, is back at it again with the launch of another helpful guide, this time advising men facing the possibility of separation.

From misconceptions about separation within a marriage or other relationships where children are involved, to detailed questions about protecting men’s finances, this free guide is a follow up to ADAM’s first publication, Facing Divorce in Michigan? Useful Information that May Help Your Case.

SOUTHFIELD, Michigan – July 23, 2016 Brent Bowyer and Jon Midtgard, partners at the American Divorce Association for Men and two of southeast Michigan’s top rated family law attorneys, have written their second guide for men facing the breakup of a relationship. Free to download on their website (, “How to Cope With Separation” defines legal separation in Michigan and discusses how it differs from a divorce.  “We want this guide to introduce the basics and clear up myths surrounding separation,” says Brent Bowyer.

How to Cope With Separation serves as a tool men can use to understand what separation entails and to address misconceptions surrounding it. “We want to provide men with a strong base of knowledge when faced with separation. Every family situation is unique and, as such, no separation is the same. We felt it would be helpful to provide a solid overview of this subject so that clients can educate themselves prior to a consultation and be prepared to discuss how the law impacts their unique circumstances” says Jon Midtgard.

Similar to their previous guide, Facing Divorce in MichiganHow to Come With Separation avoids using confusing legal terminology and is an easy-to-read guide that covers a wide array of the issues and misconceptions that surround separation.

Questions such as “Does a legal separation protect someone from the debts of their spouse?” to the benefits of legal separation versus divorce; this guide contains easily accessible information for men facing this situation. “We decided to compile this collection of answered questions after we recognized how confused men were about separation and what that actually means. This guide is not meant to replace an in person consultation with an experienced family law attorney.  However, we wanted to provide men with insight about what’s to come before they seek legal representation,” adds Bowyer.

About ADAM

The American Divorce Association for Men (ADAM) is a group of highly qualified attorneys who advocate for men’s rights in divorce, child custody and parenting time, paternity, support, property settlement, post judgment modifications, and other family law matters. Since 1988, ADAM has been aggressive, diligent, and uncompromising when representing their clients. A team of compassionate and skilled family law attorneys, ADAM is dedicated to being Michigan’s leading divorce attorneys for men. To speak with one of these professionals or to learn more, visit our website.