“Is It My Fault?”Telling The Kids About Your Divorce

There is no easy way to tell your children that you and their mother are getting a divorce. Although the divorce process can be difficult on the couple making the split, it can also have an effect on the children involved. While there is no way to completely alleviate the pain involved with breaking the news about your divorce, there are a few things you can do to soften the blow.

1. Sit down as a family and talk about what’s happening together. If possible, it is extremely important for both parents to be present as children are informed of their parents’ impending divorce. It will be helpful to work together to decide what you’d like to tell your children before having the talk.

2. Answer questions as best you can. Your child may ask questions that you’re not ready to answer. That being said, it’s your responsibility as parents to answer any questions and concerns without compromising the perception of either parent.

3. Try to keep your cool. It is important to maintain a collected attitude, be sure to respond to concerns with empathy and without your own emotions towards the situation.

4. Be honest about changes to come. Explain the ways in which your children’s lives will change. It is essential that they understand that Mom and Dad will no longer be living under the same roof, and that other things about their day to day lives may change, too.

5. Encourage open dialogue. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, your children may benefit from being able to express the way they’re feeling about your divorce. Keeping an open door policy will better allow for children to understand the situation, and may reduce the chances of them feeling as though they have, in some way, caused or partially caused the separation.

If you’re preparing to hold a conversation regarding a divorce with your children, try to relax. If you need any last minute advice, feel free to call any of the capable and experienced attorneys at ADAM.

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