So you’re facing a divorce, and that means you’re going to make decisions that could affect you for many years to come. Alimony, or spousal support, has been part of American law for over 100 years and is still a major factor in some divorce cases. More than 95% percent of alimony is requested and awarded to women, while men receiving alimony is almost nonexistent. Before you choose an attorney and proceed, here are a few things you should know.

Who Pays?

If spousal support is requested, it is more likely to be awarded in cases where there was a long term marriage and one spouse earned a comparatively higher income than the other. The Court will consider other factors including the ability of each party to earn income, age, health, the overall property and debt division, and more. In relationships where both partners earn a relatively equal income or the marriage lasted only a short time, alimony rarely becomes an issue.

It is important that the duration and conditions of spousal support payments be carefully negotiated and agreed upon by the divorcing couple and their attorneys as part of the division of property in the divorce process. If a decision cannot be reached, a Judge will review the case and make an informed decision.

How Long Will I Have to Pay?

Once spousal support has been determined, there are a number of circumstances that could allow the duration or amount of to be stopped or reduced:

  • The time period set by a judge has expired
  • Your ex-wife remarries or cohabitates with a new partner
  • Your children have reached adulthood or no longer need full-time supervision
  • A judge determines that your ex-wife has made insufficient efforts to support herself
  • Your income has significantly decreased at no fault of your own
  • Your ex-wife’s income has significantly increased

Although spousal support is being awarded more sparingly as gender equality has reached new levels and more women are earning higher incomes, there is still a very real possibility that you will be forced to pay. With good representation you can keep payments as low as possible or avoid them entirely. Contact the divorce attorney specialists at ADAM and protect your paycheck.

Contact the divorce attorney specialists at ADAM and protect your paycheck.