Moving out of the home you share with your wife is a common concern at the beginning stages of a divorce. After all, the reason you want a divorce is that you can no longer live together, and things are often very tense at home if a divorce is coming. Whether you want to move out of the house, your wife tells you to leave, or your wife is planning to leave and take your children with her, leaving the home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your divorce.

Indeed, how and when you leave your home is a decision that can change the course of how your divorce progresses. Living somewhere else away from your child is never a good start in a divorce. But, no one wants to fight in front of their children and leaving can be a way of reducing the stress. It’s perfectly fine to find a balance by staying away for a few days. But moving out for good is different, and it can cause damage that is hard to repair later.

Do You Stay Or Do You Go Now?

Deciding to leave the house when you have a minor child or children together with your wife is not something you should do without careful consideration. Moving out can affect your relationship with your child. Living somewhere else means you won’t see them as much. Not only does that affect your parental bond, it can actually damage your custody claims down the road. Being away from your children for too long gives an advantage to your soon-to-be ex-wife when child custody is decided by the court. She could feasibly make the argument that she should keep primary custody because she unofficially has it already.

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