Michigan law provides for the adoption of children and adults.  Among the goals of the Michigan Adoption Code is to “provide procedures and services that will safeguard and promote the best interests of each adoptee in need of adoption and that will protect the rights of all parties concerned.”  However, the overriding concern in any adoption case is the best interest of the adoptee.

One of the first questions people ask when inquiring into adoption is, “Who can adopt?”  The short answer is that Michigan law allows a single person or a married couple to adopt by filing a petition with the family division of the circuit court.  However, that general rule is not set in stone.  For instance, a married person may adopt without his or her spouse joining in the petition if the court excuses the spouse from participating for good cause or if it is found to be in the best interest of the adoptee.  In addition, recent legislation has been proposed to permit two unmarried persons to join in a petition to adopt.  This is known as second parent adoption.

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