There are two different timeframes involved with divorce cases in the state of Michigan. There is a 60 day minimum waiting period in divorces where there are no minor children (meaning children over 18 or the parties never had children). There is a six-month minimum waiting period for a divorce where the parties have minor children.

The actual timeline for a typical divorce case can vary based on the issues involved. However, somewhere between two months and one year is typical, with most divorce cases falling between two months and 10 months as a reasonable amount of time to complete.

These are minimum waiting periods, not the maximum timeframe. Many factors can affect how long a divorce case will ultimately take from start to finish. Minimizing differences between the parties, working closely with your attorney, providing all required documentation and being available whenever needed goes a long way towards moving the case along and ultimately getting the case settled.

The judge assigned to your case is another important factor and can have an impact on how long your divorce case will ultimately take. It is advantageous to hire an attorney who has expertise in the area of divorce and family law, and experience working with the particular county court system you are dealing with.

Done incorrectly, or in the hands of an inexperienced attorney, a divorce can certainly take much longer. There are many pitfalls along the way that, when not handled properly, can lead to delays and increased costs in a divorce.

Is There Any Way To Fast Track A Divorce Case?

There is no real way to fast track a divorce case, but there is certainly the right way and the wrong way to handle the process and move the case along. The statutory waiting periods are what they are and are generally immutable with some exceptions. It is possible to get a written agreement resolving all issues right away, and be complete in less than six months. This is, however, the exception and not the rule.

Again, to move the matter along smoothly, the client can help by being responsive when their attorney or their spouse’s attorney has questions or needs information, be available for meetings and phone calls as needed, appear and being punctual for all scheduled court dates, and keep track of deadlines as they come up on their divorce matter.

The client can also assist by minimizing disputes or intentionally aggravating their spouse or picking fights over things that, in the big picture, do not matter. A divorce case can be a smooth process, conclude in less time and be less costly when the client remains in contact with their attorney and follows recommendations of their attorney.

The court will allow, for good cause shown, a divorce completed short of the statutory waiting periods, 60 days with no children and 180 days with children. However, having any case completed more than a month short of this waiting period is extremely unlikely.

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