ADAM: PROTECTING MEN’S RIGHTS DURING A PANDEMIC: ADAM has protected men’s rights in family law matters throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, and will continue to do so in compliance with the State of Michigan November 18 Epidemic Order. Even with the recent Order, Metro Detroit courts are continuing to accept new case filings and conducting hearings in family law matters. ADAM attorneys have diligently tracked and followed with all court procedures and remain open for business moving forward in full compliance with the law. Court proceedings and are primarily conducted via Zoom and ADAM attorneys have successfully litigated in this environment, including completing multiple trials and mediation hearings. ADAM continues to offer free initial phone calls, and can schedule in depth Case Review Meetings in person at the Southfield or Sterling Heights locations or via phone or Zoom. The office follows stringent Covid-19 protocols for the safety of clients and employees, including health screening, social distancing and personal protection equipment.
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