When you married your wife, you probably thought it would be for all time. Now that you are beginning the process of divorce, you probably feel lonely and would like to explore what’s out there by reentering the dating pool. Although this is totally understandable, doing so before your divorce is officially finalized is a bad idea that can backfire on you in a variety of ways. A lot is on the line during a divorce, especially if you have children, so you should hold off on finding a new special woman for the time being.

Here are some reasons why you should wait until after your divorce is finalized before hitting the dating scene again:

  • It might upset your spouse enough to ruin your chances of settling amicably: Even if your wife initiated the divorce, seeing you with someone new so soon will likely sting. She might even wonder if you were cheating on her during the marriage. Instead of souring divorce negotiations and risking a long, drawn-out divorce, keep the peace with your soon-to-be former wife and put a hold on dating.
  • It might make it difficult for you to co-parent later on: If you and your wife have children, dating before you are officially divorced might also create some hostility that will last well after your divorce, making the act of co-parenting a difficult task. Given that co-parenting is often already challenging, why add more obstacles to your plate? Waiting to date will help preserve your co-parenting relationship, so try to be patient.
  • It might negatively affect your children: Not only can dating during your divorce impact your relationship with your co-parent, but it can also impact the relationship you have with your children. If you are spending time dating or focusing on a new partner, you will be less available to help them through this difficult time and they might feel neglected.
  • You need time to focus on yourself: You cannot begin to embark on a new relationship before you understand what went wrong in your marriage and what you might need to change to avoid making similar mistakes in the future. It takes two to end a marriage, so now is the time for a little introspection and self-reflection. You should also take this time to process your feelings, whether it be anger, depression, pain, failure, or all of the above.

Ultimately, the next chapter in your life will go a lot more smoothly if you take some time for yourself and focus on peacefully dissolving your marriage before moving forward in another relationship.

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