Sterling Heights, MI
“My personal and truthful experience with ADAM. No secret what I went here for, unfortunately. But the main reason I and maybe of you looked into ADAM was, I wanted the best as I knew things could go "bad" for me, I didn't want that. Were they a bargain price for their fee's? not sure how I could price out something like this BUT they did earn the fee's charged and what I found out in life you get what you pay for. I did however leave the free intial consult much more educated and more importantly much "better" than when I walked in there and this was after I paid to retain them, which people, no matter what,t nothing cheap about these situations when alot at stake. Honestly, that LONG ride home was lonely and depressing BUT at least I knew I was going to be backed with people who very much knew what was going on thankfully they was in my corner! There was no sugar coating certain things that the courts will favor regardless of what attorney you have and they didn't BUT I do confidently know this as well, they sure did make sure I wasn't going to get taken advantage of and suggested certain motions that I had no clue about to make sure I wasn't gonna to get rail-roaded any more than I had been. I'm the "head of the of house household who was pays majority of all" so even though not together and another guy in her life (eventually) im supposed to just continue to support that? Nope! They never pressured me into anything. Conclusion guys: how much is your piece of mind worth? For me, at the time, I knew it could go really, really south in that courtroom cause I've been with this woman for 14years and I know what she is capable of. Let me finish by saying this, consider it your 1st new investment into your new future. I tried to live by the "it's cheaper to keep her" motto and the fee they charge merely was pocket change compared to living by that motto. If your reading this at least your acknowledging the fact of who and what your dealing with because as you will find out if you go through with divorce and especially if kids are involved, let's just say, men, next time get a dam prenup cause she will already be up several points on the score board the minute you walk into the court room. *Thankfully and God Blessed cause the day ADAM called to get her description so she can get served, she just got done telling me how she was gonna change her ways so they called it off. How do you think I feel as the retainer and all, went towards papers, phone calls and emails? A waste? 2 years later, she is a C+ and I can live with that. Maybe she found out that she was still gonna be ordered to be her half of bills from the motion ADAM filed or maybe she mentioned to her friends I had ADAM backing me and they knew what they were up against based off the name? I don't know, but was it a waste? All I can say is I slept much better starting the day of retaining ADAM and the 1st consult, so F no it wasn't a waste to me. I deserve to sleep good on the iComfort gel mattress that she said she was taking and I'm sure would've got it! Good luck guys, if you give up or don't hang in there then what's the point of this? If you can't swing it that's 1 thing but if your gonna let the price of breaking free and finding happiness again, which will happen stop you, then buy her love for another month(I know a hole comment but very true).. Broke temporarily and piece of mind compared to buying your piece of mind on a daily basis which you still will broke(probably broke down even).... just pay it and learn from your mistakes. God Bless all you men going through the struggle, it's NOT going to be a fair fight no matter what you think, the odds arent in our favor so I would definitely recommend ADAM.”