Sterling Heights, MI
“Tuesday while I was watching Abigail rehearse for play practice, I realized how thankful I am for all your help. When you took my case, I'm sure your initial thought wasn't positive towards me, but after all, I was just another case. If it not for your help, I probably would not be having that time or any time with my daughter. I know you have probably heard "He or She" is making that up from a lot of clients. I 'm not sure when the turning point was but I am glad that you believed what I was saying. From the beginning, I have always been honest with you. Abigail has always been my only concern and will continue to be. Sorry this may sound soppy, but I just want you to know that I appreciate all you have given back to me. Abigail told me last night before bed that she never wants to lose me again. This isn't the last time I will tell you this, but thanks again. ”