Sterling Heights, MI
“The best decision I've made in a long time was hiring ADAM to handle my divorce case and, even more so, specifically choosing Frank Briguglio to represent me. Frank is a highly skilled and knowledgeable craftsman who guided me perfectly through the toughest time in my life. Frank kept me grounded, focused and encouraged that I would make out on the other end of the divorce process with the fairest outcome possible. Every step of the way he had the best advice and the right answers. He is every bit of a well practiced professional at the top of his game. For just one example, when we met with my ex-wife and her attorney to attempt to reach a settlement, Frank was not only able to quote settled case law to my advantage regarding spousal support but he also had the legal book in hand and marked ready to prove his point. Frank even told her attorney to keep the book - proving our side of the table was far more prepared for negotiation. Having Frank's vast experience on my side clearly gave me the legal upper hand in my case. Aside from his legal expertise, Frank was able correctly ascertain my ex-wife's narcissistic and greedy personality. Frank being on the board of the of Macomb County Bar Association also played to my advantage as not only is he extensively versed in divorce proceedings but it was obvious he is well respected by those who work in the Macomb County court system - particularly by my case mediator Debra O'Brien. Even the person I met with at Friend of the Court knew Frank - again providing me confidence that I had knowledgeable and experience representation. I also appreciated the videos, articles and emails I received from ADAM throughout this process. These help me realize that was I not the only one going though a battle and even more so that I was not alone in the fight. Communication from Frank's assistant were always timely, complete and concise. On top off all this, I also found Frank to be a genuinely nice guy who cared about me, not just as a client, but as a person going through the challenges of a late in life divorce.”