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Fathers' Rights in Michigan

Fathers play an integral role in raising children, which means that divorce or separation should not cause fathers to be evicted from their children's lives.

More and more, both parents work away from home and equally participate in child care. This means that the "cookie cutter" parenting plan has become a thing of the past. Creative schedules can be negotiated or litigated to allow children to benefit from time with both parents—namely, their fathers.

In situations where the father has been the primary caregiver for the children, there is nothing in the law that should prevent the children from making their primary residence with him.

Are you a father that is having trouble with a child custody case? The American Divorce Association for Men can guide you and defend your rights through the process. Our team has over 30 years of experience helping fathers get the best possible outcome for their child custody case. Our Southfield office serve clients in Detroit and throughout all of Michigan.

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Types of Child Custody in Michigan

Parent with custodyThere are different types of child custody plans in Michigan. Each can affect the amount of time you get to spend with your child. The type of custody you get also affects the input you have on important decisions regarding your child.

To ensure that your child is living in a healthy environment, the judge will ask if the child has an established custodial environment (ECE) with one or both parents. The judge will also decide based on other factors, including if the child goes to one or both parents for love and affection, food, housing, and any other needs deemed relevant by the judge.

Legal Custody

This type of custody determines if one or both parents provide input regarding important decisions. This may include how the child is raised, where he or she will be raised, and what school they attend.

Physical Custody

Physical custody concerns the child’s residence and which parent the child will primarily live with. Physical custody also concerns visitation agreements.

Joint Custody

This is when both parents share legal or physical custody, although not always equally. If you want to have your child for more days, our experienced child custody lawyers can help you.

Sole Custody

Only one parent has been designated the primary parent with physical custody, legal custody or both. Even if one parent is granted sole custody, the court might also agree to a visitation agreement.

Michigan Parenting Time

In Michigan, how much time each parent will spend with their child is normally put into a written schedule and court order. These schedules vary based on the needs of the parents. When the parents cannot agree on a schedule, the Court will dictate what the schedule should be.

In order to determine the length, frequency, and type of parenting time, the Court considers several factors, including:

  • Each parent's custodial status
  • The child’s age
  • Any history of violence or abuse
  • The distance between the parents
  • Any other special circumstances involving the child

Some courts have a defined schedule of what is considered “reasonable.” This reasonable schedule gives the non-custodial parent every other weekend, one evening during the week, as well as specific holidays and vacations throughout the year. This schedule can be found at

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The Southfield child custody lawyers from ADAM are prepared to aggressively represent all of our clients inside the courtroom. Whether your case is simple or complex, you can expect thorough, ethical, and professional service tailored to your unique family law situation. We have 30+ years of experience helping fathers get the best possible results for their case. If you need guidance with your child custody case in Southfield, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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