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I am very happy with Mr. Briguglio's services. He has the heart of a lion and was a bull in the courtroom. It's a very warming feeling to have someone as powerful and hard working as he is. In my case I had an infant child of eight months and ended up with just under 50/50 custody. I would refer him to all going through a very rough and tough divorce/child custody case. - Randy*
Jon and Tracey were great, they worked hard, were very thorough, punctual, did what they said they were going to do, even through our reconciliation. The best Divorce law firm in Michigan, for men or otherwise. Solid effective counsel, Would retain again. - Pete*
Don't make the mistake of not getting an ADAM lawyer from the beginning of your ordeal. Lori took over my case literally 10 days before trial. She worked with me and followed up during the 12 months following the conclusion. While not everything went our way, Lori was awesome. Highly recommend! - Pat*

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I just wanted to thank you for your help in my recent divorce. It was not a pleasant experience to start with, but your help and timely manner in which things were taken care of was greatly appreciated. I always felt that both your personal and professional approach to a very sensitive situation was helpful. My kids are doing well, and I have started to get adjusted to my new way of life. Thanks again, and I wish you and your family the best. Terry O*

I am very pleased with the legal services provided by Mekel Miller. Mekel provided timely guidance through the divorce process and was very assertive when necessary with opposing counsel. My emails and questions were handled in a prompt manner and she kept me informed of her schedule so I could plan accordingly. Mekel acted in a professional manner at all times and treated me with respect. I was also impressed with your legal support team. I interfaced with several office personnel that performed very well at assisting me as required. John Z*

I highly recommend ADAM who handled my divorce. My case was not a simple one mostly due to the income disparity between myself and my ex. ADAM (Jon Midtgard) produced an outcome through mediation that I could live with and I have been able to move on with the new life that I had hoped for. I would strongly encourage anyone to hire this very professional organization should they be facing the difficulties of divorce. Thanks ADAM! Dave*

Very professional and far exceeded my expectations!!! Would recommend to anyone!!!! Charles*

My original attorney left the firm a month in, and Lori never missed a beat. She worked tirelessly to ensure I understood everything about the process and what things we may encounter. She never treated me like a client, she treated me like I was part of her family. She fought hard for me and always had my best interests in mind. I know of a lot of other men that didn't have the same positive experience I did with their divorce, and I have Lori to thank. She is outstanding, and I would recommend her to anyone! Robert*

After 23 years of marriage I was surprised to be presented with notification of divorce. Tracey represented me through the entire process. She was thorough, outlining everything I needed to know. She was fair and did not present me with unnecessary activities or charges. She treated me professionally and helped me get through one of the most difficult periods of my life with dignity. I'm grateful for the treatment I received and would strongly recommend Tracey in the field she represents. Thank you. William*

Lori did a fantastic job! I could not be happier with the outcome of my divorce. Most importantly I got the custody I desired and kept stability in my children's lives. She was cognizant of attorney fees and spent my money wisely with an excellent outcome. I would highly recommend her for any father going through a divorce! She protected my best interests and the interests of my children. Patrick*

Elizabeth was wonderful. Throughout the process, which was one that I was very uneasy about, she was professional and stalwart. I never had the slightest doubt that I didn't have the best representation possible. Her counsel was everything I had hoped it would be, and in the end brought about the best possible outcome. I will be hiring her again if the need every arises. Michael*

Jon and Tracey were great, they worked hard, were very thorough, punctual, did what they said they were going to do, even through our reconciliation. The best Divorce law firm in Michigan, for men or otherwise. Solid effective counsel, Would retain again. Pete*

I have worked with Lori since 2013 and she has done an outstanding job in representing me. She is forthright, concise, and diligent—making sure that the voices of my children and myself as well as the many intricate details of our complex situation are heard and understood. Lori’s compassion for families and knowledge of the court system goes above and beyond “just doing a job,” but more importantly helping families pick up the pieces of their lives after divorce. Along with being a wonderful counselor, she has also helped me understand and feel more confident in my rights as a father. I look forward into closing our case shortly. Thank your firm and to Lori for her dedication and passion for families! Ose*

Elizabeth was wonderful. Throughout the process, which was one that I was very uneasy about, she was professional and stalwart. I never had the slightest doubt that I didn't have the best representation possible. Her counsel was everything I had hoped it would be and, in the end, brought about the best possible outcome. I will be hiring her again if the need ever arises. Michael*

Very pleased with the advocacy I received.. they were able to get it done in record time.. Thank you. Mel*

Great firm. The law team that worked with me seemed to genuinely care about my situation and approached my case with professionalism and integrity. The law firm was very easy to remain in contact with and answer any questions I may have had. They aren't cheap by any stretch of the imagination and one of the more expensive firms I investigated when I sought legal representation. However it was money well spent as the old saying goes "you get what you pay for". I highly recommend this firm for any family law representation needs. Jeremy*

Don't make the mistake of not getting an ADAM lawyer from the beginning of your ordeal. Lori took over my case literally 10 days before trial. She worked with me and followed up during the 12 months following the conclusion. While not everything went our way, Lori was awesome. Highly recommend! Pat*

Lori, Tuesday while I was watching my daughter rehearse for play practice I realized how thankful I am for all of your help. When you first took my case I'm sure your initial thought was not positive toward me, after all, I was just another case. If not for your help, I would probably not be having that time or, any time with my daughter. I'm not sure when the turning point was, but I am glad that you believed in what I was saying. From the beginning I have always been honest with you. My daughter is and has always been my only concern and will continue to be. Sorry this may sound sappy, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all that you have given back to me. My daughter told me last night before bed that she never wants to lose me again. This isn't the last time I will tell you this, but thanks again. Edward*

Dear Jon, Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate everything Lori K. Smith did for me during the worst time in my adult life. Lori is a superstar attorney and really helped me through the entire process. Several times throughout the process I felt like giving up. I just wanted the pain to somehow miraculously disappear. Lori was always there for me, giving me words of encouragement and support much like my family members did. I truly felt she not only had my best interests in mind, but also my two beautiful little girls that never asked for any of this to happen in the first place. It's worth noting that I would highly recommend Lori to any of my friends that find themselves in a similar situation as me. The communication between Lori and I, the reassurance she continually gave me, and her devotion to protecting my interests as well as my girls gave me a whole new lease on life. Thanks again. Lori K. Smith is a first round draft pick in my book! You and your firm should consider yourselves fortunate to have her! Steve*

It is with absolute pleasure that I provide positive feedback regarding your representation of me during my divorce proceedings. I give you the highest degree of commendation regarding your professional services which were nothing short of stellar. I am grateful your firm took on my case and assigned it to you, as I cannot imagine there would have been any better lawyer to represent me. From the first time I nervously walked into your office, you gave me hope and reassurance that I was doing the right thing filing for divorce and that you would guide me through this incredibly stressful life event. You understood the complexities of my situation and the complicated nature of the filing from the first and were proactive to address my concerns and to legally protect me and my interests in every way possible. Throughout the divorce proceedings which were incredibly contentious, you remained unflappable and professional. You always made me feel like your number one priority by returning phone calls and emails promptly even when you weren't in the office. You remained proactive by taking the steps needed to allow the proceedings to continually move forward despite every attempt by my ex-wife and her counsel to drag it out and make it ugly and expensive. You always made time for me around my busy schedule to discuss the case whenever I needed your reassurance and composure to help process the stress of my situation. Even I was shocked that you were able to convince opposing counsel that a mediated settlement was in both parties' best interest and to represent me strongly in mediation to allow a fairly mediated settlement to emerge. You then helped me work out all the complicated details to make the settlement possible and to finalize it with the court despite my busy schedule, my move out of state, and all the other factors. It is without reservation that I recommend your representation to anyone going through a difficult divorce. I hold you in the highest esteem as a stellar advocate for your clients. John*

Lori Smith represented me during my divorce from beginning to finish with absolute professional courtesy and genuine concern for my case. She showed compassion for my situation even when my health became a matter of concern, which was above and beyond my expectations and a pleasant surprise. When I had questions, they were answered in detail with realistic answers to prepare for any possible outcome - negative or positive - giving me an honest expectation. I received prompt communication and documentation every step of the way. Anytime I needed to reach Lori, she was available and provided a prompt response to my questions and concerns. In the Courtroom Lori showed exemplary professional courtesy to my ex-wife's attorney and the staff of the Macomb County court system. She made sure to explain every proceeding in detail and answered my questions and concerns. I want to thank Lori very much for her professional, courteous, honest and caring attitude and representation from beginning to end. I would without a doubt hire this firm again. Nicholas*

I think its fair to say that I've been the poster child for persecution during my post-divorce legal proceedings. At least that was the case until my last court date when I believe the tide turned in my favor. I am writing to let you know that the turnaround was due to Frank Briguglio's efforts. My situation was not good and "checkmate" was imminent, but Frank not only did his homework but deftly transformed that situation by proposing a deal that saved our home from being taken and gave me the breathing room and hope for the future. In short, Frank did a great job! Don*

Dear Brent and Jon, I have been an affected witness to the abuse my husband has suffered during his post divorce legal battle with his ex-wife. He is finally under an agreement that has some resemblance of sanity, and that is due to the hard work that Frank Briguglio invested in his case. It was very apparent to me that Frank truly cared about the case and went the extra mile to ensure that the outcome was favorable. I want to thank Frank and let you know what a great job he did. Tresa*

Frank represented me after a divorce in a complicated fight with my ex-wife and her dishonest, high-powered attorney. It took a while with all the interruptions and delays thrown at him. But through it all Frank stayed on it, winning again and again. In the end, Frank won every dispute in the best interests of myself and my children. I couldn't believe it. I only wish I had Frank before the divorce, but everything has been corrected. Great job at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Frank. Zeyn*

Lori has been my attorney since 2011 and has seen me through two separate changes to my parenting time agreement as well as a change in child support order. Lori has been nothing but wonderful as my counsel. she has remained extremely professional while also being open and honest with me about my case. I have always been able to get a hold of her when in need and her responses have been quick and to the point. I appreciate all Lori has done for me with regard to my parenting time and I will be forever grateful that she fought hard for me and my children. I would recommend her services to anyone! Ryan*

Dear Elizabeth, While a difficult journey, it's been a pleasure for you and your office representing me with my divorce case. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome than what I got (including some I voluntarily let go). Thank you so much for being my advocate, advising me in this complicated legal matter, and letting me freely choose how to proceed. I am very grateful to you. You have been awesome. Sammy*

I wanted to drop a quick note to thank you so much for your assistance in resolving my divorce. I appreciate your willingness to jump into my case mid-process, creatively develop a successful case strategy, and advocate on my behalf more than I can express. I would also like to thank you for your patience in answering my questions and explaining the divorce process to me. I never felt as though I didn't know what to expect, which was reassuring. Without your assistance, I know I would not have attained such a great resolution to my divorce matter. Thank you for finding the right balance between knowing the other players in the game and being steadfast in your representation of my position. P.S. And a special thank you for making her sob at mediation. Rob*

I just wanted to send a quick thank you note for all your help through this most difficult time of my life. You were not only a tremendous help with all the legal "mumbo-jumbo", but you acted with compassion, were strong for me when I needed someone strong, and always had my best interests in mind. Most of all, thank you for helping me ensure I would get some type of custody of my children. I KNEW you were the right lawyer for me. Thank you so much for everything you've done to this point. I know it's not 100% yet, but I am excited to begin the healing process and move on with my life. Larry*

I am writing today in praise of one of your lawyers, Tracey Kane. Tracey was appointed to our case last April, and I could not possibly be more satisfied with the job she did. Law is a special sector that is not always easy to navigate. Tracey took all the information we were given and made it extremely clear and understandable. She's both professional and approachable. She kept us informed throughout the process and always had our best interests in mind. Down to the last detail, she prepared perfectly for our case and made all the right decisions. Wayne County is not known for supporting men's rights in family law, and we chose your law firm to represent us for this reason. We hired Tracey to represent us in a case involving child custody and protection against a drug abusing mom. Tracey made the truth of the case apparent every time we appeared before the referee and Judge, and she did not hold back from arguing her point and getting it across clearly and respectfully. It was apparent she was respected by everyone we dealt with, from the clerks to the Judge himself, and she certainly deserves that respect. She has extraordinary knowledge of not only the law itself but all the inner workings of the environment. We just wanted to say thank you for appointing Tracey to our case, hoping that you value her as much as we do. We could not have done this without her. We will definitely recommend Tracey and your law offices to anyone and everyone we can. We cannot thank you enough, Tracey, for making a sensitive, stressful, and aggravating situation so much easier to deal with. You are a shining example of a professional, respectful, and extraordinary lawyer. Mike*

I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the services of my attorney, Elizabeth Nacy. I believe she is a very valuable asset for your law firm. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking the "best" lawyer for their case. Elizabeth did an outstanding, exceptional job during the process and procedures related to my case. To elaborate further, I am basing my evaluation on the following examples that were typical of her conduct. Due to my lack of prior experience with the divorce procedure, Elizabeth was a valuable resource of experience and knowledge which quickly became evident as she guided me through each of the necessary steps related to my case. Elizabeth's explanations of the issues and ongoing action items were clear and concise. There was no doubt in my mind that her guidance was factual and appropriate for the situations that occurred. Elizabeth provided swift responses to my inquiries via email and phone conversations. In addition, she exhibited "leadership qualities" by calmly providing guidance along the divorce process in spite of my frustrations with the situations and obstacles imparted by the actions of my ex-wife. Elizabeth conducted appropriate and cooperative communications with the opposing counsel. Their collaboration led to a mediation agreement and subsequent divorce judgment that maximized my outcome and minimized the distress associated with my divorce. Her conduct was professional, ethical, and reliable. William*

I'd like to take this time to let you know how professional, courteous, and compassionate my attorney, Lori K. Smith is. I retained Lori to represent me in my divorce proceedings. Lori was not only professional but compassionate as well in my situation. She made the process, although difficult at times, go smoothly while keeping me up to date on what the next steps were going to be. Lori was exceptional in answering my questions, making sure I understood everything clearly and advising me along the way. The amount of time she took made me feel as though I was her only client. She was flexible and readily available when I had to meet and sign paperwork as I have a challenging work schedule. Lori is a professional, compassionate and remarkable attorney that I would recommend to anyone in need of representation. Richard*

I am the father of two wonderful boys. I want to share with you the wonderful experience I had working with Ms. Lori Smith. Upon knowing that I needed legal representation in my court battles with my ex-wife, I knew that I needed to be supported by a firm that understood and advocated for fathers and keeping families together. I found the support I needed from your firm through Ms. Smith. She is an exceptional model of what a family attorney should be; professional, honest, prompt, knowledgeable about the law and court system, and more importantly, caring and compassionate about her clients and their families. She went over and above to make every effort to ensure that my wife and I felt more at ease about the legal issues we were dealing with. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the representation that Ms. Smith provided us with. She is an asset to ADAM and will always be the first person we call if ever we need legal counsel again. Ose*

I want to thank you for assigning Tracey to my divorce case. She did a fantastic job. She is very efficient and skilled at her craft and helped me get through a very difficult process. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has to face this problem. I appreciate your firm's professionalism and speed at which you dealt with my case, and I know Tracey is a big part of it. Thanks again. John*

One year ago I came to your office seeking legal representation for a divorce. During this visit, I agreed to retain your firm and was represented by Ms. Lori Smith. Throughout the ensuing nine month process, Lori did an outstanding job, both in representing my interests and in keeping me informed and involved. She was there when I needed her with quick responses as issues arose. She was there with the right answers during mediation and enabled this case to be resolved without a formal court procedure prior to Judgment of Divorce being granted. Her knowledge of Macomb County divorce policies and procedures was very advantageous to me. Lori's attention to detail was a distinct advantage as over and over she was able to counter the moves of my former spouse and her attorney. She was able to ascertain what was important and what was irrelevant when generating responses to interrogatories and motions and how each should be answered. As a direct result of her efforts, I am now able to begin putting my personal life back together. Divorce is never pleasant for anyone. It is the result of a breakdown of a committed relationship. Throughout this unfortunate divorce process, Lori had my personal interests as her priority, assisting me in getting to a "better place". I want to thank both Lori and (assistant) Terry Mathews for the great work they did on my behalf. Jeffrey*

I would like to thank your firm for the professional and thoughtful representation I received during my divorce proceedings. I want to openly thank attorney, Tracey Kane, for her effort and expertise. She was engaging and informative, and she kept me aware of the ongoing process at all times. Tracey was great to work with and talk to. My phone calls and emails were answered promptly and clearly. She was fantastic in that regard. My divorce was about as painless as I could have ever hoped for. I am quite happy with the outcome and my new life is off to a great start thanks in large part to Tracey's efforts. In fact, everyone I encountered at ADAM was more than kind, and that went a long way towards making an unpleasant time in my life much easier. I am very pleased that I made the decision to contact your firm. I wish everyone at ADAM the best of luck in the future. David*

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Lori Smith and how well she represented me through my divorce. Never once did I have any doubt that my rights were not going to be protected. Lori always gave me a strong sense of confidence and security that I had the right attorney representing me. When Lori was assigned to my case, I knew during the first conversation with her that she was going to fight for me. Lori has always been very easy to speak with and is empathetic to my needs, but not afraid to put the gloves on and fight for what she believed was right for me. I will never forget how much I felt at ease when Lori was with me in the court room. She is very professional and very knowledgeable when it came to dealing with the laws and divorce, as well as other attorneys. Thomas*

Eric, I thanked you at the court building last week, but I wanted to take a minute to express how EXTREMELY thankful I am to you for all the work you put into my case. I can't explain the relief I felt on Thursday...even today, the stress of it all, the constant ache and worry about it all that I used to be consumed with is gone. I can't thank you enough for everything you did for me, my parents, and my boys. We all thank you SO much! I wish you all the best in everything you and your family does. Kevin*

During my divorce, Jon Midtgard acted like I was part of his family. He took my matters to heart and really went the extra mile for me. Jon is very knowledgeable, extremely hard working, trustworthy, loyal, a great listener, and very compassionate. Jon was not only professional but also very empathetic and a great counselor. He was always reassuring me that everything was going well and I trusted him to take care of everything. I needed an attorney that was understanding but also assertive in getting the job done. After hiring Jon, I could rest and feel at ease during the process of my divorce/chilod custody case. I would highly recommend Jon to anybody who needs a strong, intelligent, hard working, trustworthy attorney that will go the extra mile for men's rights. Andy*

This letter of commendation comes as a result of my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the professional legal services you afforded me at a time of uncertainty in my life. I had reviewed your biography on your company's website and had noted the successful track record you possessed as a result of your hard work efforts in your area of discipline. After our first telephone conversation with respect to the status of my divorce proceedings, I immediately felt comfortable, a lower level of stress and anxiety in a highly trying time, and confidence that you possessed the necessary skills and competence to help me navigate through this unfortunate process. I cannot adequately describe the stress that one feels in a situation such as this, compounded by an opposing counsel who appeared to be less than ethical and trustworthy, and a defendant who appeared to be prepared to take advantage of any opportunity that might present itself, irrespective to fairness and equity in my opinion. Be this as it may, I felt that you did a masterful job in thoroughly preparing me for what I might expect, those contingencies that I might not, and leaving me with a sense that I was in the hands of an extremely capable attorney. As impressed as I was with your knowledge and skillset as an attorney, the professional care that you exhibited for me as your client was equally unmatched. While I felt you were thorough, candid, direct and honest, the concern you showed me was something that I still think about even today. You respected me and you listened to my concerns. I felt like I had a partner on my team that I could confide in, who I could then trust would go forth and represent me in an aggressive and ethical manner. I am also a direct and straightforward person such as yourself, and I also consider myself to be thorough which is why I believe we worked together so well and why I placed so much confidence in you. Bowyer and Midtgard, P.C. is extremely fortunate to have employed a high quality professional such as you to represent their company. I have long believed that a company's greatest resource is its employees. They are the driving force often representing the face of the company that can and does dictate its success. Conversely, that same resource, when not properly representative of the company's goals, mission and its business model, can and often does destroy the viability and continuity of the company through reputational risk. This is becoming increasingly more commonplace as client service skills deteriorate in our society and there appears to exist more apathy today than yesteryear. This is the reason I am so impressed with you and your representation of me in my matter. I feel that you represent a huge asset to Bowyer and Midtgard, P.C., such that you leave your client with a very high sense of satisfaction, stemming not only from your proficiency that I alluded to earlier, but also from the genuine respect and care that you afford your client. I urge you to never change your style and approach that you exhibit in your dealings with your clients: professional, candid, straightforward, thorough, empathetic, respectful, informative, yet aggressive. These were the traits that I saw in you as you represented me. I think you might agree that in addition to your fiduciary responsibilities to your client, you also have a responsibility to protect the reputation of your employer, in this case Bowyer and Midtgard, P.C. By doing so, you inevitably ensure the success and viability of the company while securing your own future through the satisfaction of your clients simply because your clients are the life blood of the business. I am not easily impressed with many people I deal with today because of the deterioration in the natural care and concern that those in the business of offering a service exhibit. I believe attorneys in general have a reputation of being costly while reflecting apathy and a condescending attitude which is disrespectful to their clients. You, on the other hand, represent the antithesis of that axiom. Divorce is a rather unfortunate and ugly event. However, it remains real and prevalent. One hopes that it never happens, although I suspect on the other hand another prays that it does. In any event, I would refer you and your services many times over simply because of the high quality professional you represent. I was and remain extremely happy and satisfied with the legal services you provided me, in addition to the care and the concern you showed me. I cannot in any way overstate that. You are a high quality individual. I wish you the very best in your professional career and all your endeavors both large and small. Vincent*

Just wanted to give some feedback on what an amazing lawyer Elizabeth is! She answered all of my questions extremely promptly and thoroughly during this difficult time of mine, no matter how odd the question. She truly is a great and very knowledgeable person, and made the divorce process as seamless and smooth as possible. She handled all of my matters with very little assistance needed from myself both in the Court and out. Once again, it put me at ease knowing that my interests were being put first, and I didn't have to worry about paperwork being filed with the Court or matters being taken care of. If anyone I know should have to go through this unfortunate process themselves, she is hands down the person that I would steer them towards. Russell*

Let's say for the record this was a very long battle with the results being very favorable. Lori was right there with us. she did a phenomenal job. She understood what our goal was and executed. She was very easy to communicate with and made herself accessible when we needed to touch base. She explained how she envisioned the case working out, she heard our feedback, and handled the case accordingly. She made a very difficult time, manageable. Kasaras*

I appreciate your advice and work on my case, especially picking it up at such a difficult time in the process. I believe I had one of the more difficult cases, and certainly one of the more uncooperative ex-partners. While I wish my judge were less of a wild card, I was happy to be represented by you. You have been responsive, professional, and from everthing I can tell, have given me sound legal advice. Without you and ADAM in my corner, the quality of life for my children would suffer tremendously. Jeff*

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the service you provided me at a very difficult time of my life. I was tempted to be guided by emotion throughout the process of my divorce but you carefully presented the facts to me in a concise logical manner which made making informed decisions easier. The ramifications of these decisions will play out for years to come, and I appreciate your careful attention to my case details and your accessibility throughout the entire process. I would certainly recommend you to a friend or colleague who found himself in need of your services! Thanks for all you have done! Tim*

I wanted to thank Lori Smith for representing me in my divorce case. Prior to retaining your firm, I conducted much research, however, I was still not completely convinced until I had my consultation with Lori. Retaining a divorce attorney is not a small decision, and at the time I was physically located in Europe. I was put immediately at ease by her professionalism and expertise in the Michigan legal system, to include Lori's efficient communication skills and personal approach to my unique situation. My case was difficult, but I always felt that Lori was truly invested in my case. I very much appreciate her patience, tenacity and efforts to not only ensure that my rights were protected, but also cared enough to educate me to the fullest so I could make objective and thorough decisions that were in the best interests of all parties involved. I am forever grateful for Lori's efforts throughout my divorce proceedings. I also believe that Lori Smith is a great asset to Bowyer and Midtgard, P.C./ADAM and know who to consult if I find myself in need of representation again. Emir*

I'm writing to inform you of my experience with Ms. Smith. In the fall of 2012 I came to your firm for a consultation. I left feeling better and in full understanding of my options. By spring of 2013 things had deteriorated to the point that continuation of the marriage was no longer possible, and I returned and sought your help. My case was assigned to Ms. Smith. After explaining my problems and things that had and were going on in the home, she assured me that she would do everything possible to help me get myself and children out of the abuse and violence that we were subjected to. That's exactly what she did! From our initial meeting, to discovery and mediation, and all instances of representation, Ms. Smith was excellent. Her professionalism and steadfast determination was evident in all of my encounters with her. Her advice and guidance was realistic, and she didn't make promises or set goals that she couldn't fulfill or achieve. Lori gave me my life back and saved my children! Through her, I was able to escape a bad situation without losing everything I had worked for over the years, and most importantly I'm able to provide for my children the normal life they deserve. She took a true interest in my case, and it was obvious that she really cared. My questions and correspondence were answered in a timely fashion and all my concerns were addressed. With her knowledge of the law, the facts in the case, and her sheer tenacity, Ms. Smith kept opposing counsel "against the ropes" so to speak which resulted in an extremely favorable outcome for me. I don't feel I would have received the same level of performance or results with any other attorney or firm. ADAM came through for me and Ms. Smith is a true asset to your organization. Scott*

Lori was wonderful. She was always timely on responses to emails or phone calls. I honestly don't have a bad thing to say about her other than I don't know what I would have done without her. I know that if I ever have to go back to court, I will be back and requesting her. Alex*

After Elizabeth took over my case, my whole experience changed. She was very professional but also very personable, and that was very important to me. She was always good about keeping the lines of communication open, also very important. I felt good knowing that she was going to get me the best settlement for me and my children who are my world. So God bless you Elizabeth. Jad*

I wanted to share the services I received with you this past year for my custody and state transfer of my divorce case. I couldn't have been more happy with your services and complete understanding of everything I was going through with transferring my case from the state of Kentucky to Michigan. You were so thorough and precise with everything and willing to go the extra mile to take care of any questions and concerns that I had. All of it put us at ease knowing you were behind the case. Your willingness to share your knowledge as an attorney and also just being a normal person with feelings and a heart made me feel protected and confident to say the least. In the future I will use you for all of my counsel needs pertaining to my divorce and custody of my daughter. It would be too long of a story to explain everything in this email but in short, YOU put a complete stop to an ex-wife that was threatening and pulling her own strings however she felt she wanted to. I want to thank you personally for everything you did for me. Ryan*

I wanted to take the time to thank Bowyer and Midtgard, P.C. for representing me in my divorce. I appreciate the accommodating environment that allowed me to learn and keep my rights as a father. Furthermore, I would like to share with you my gratitude towards the performance of my attorney and her legal assistant. I believe the representation and service from Ms. Elizabeth J. Nacy truly exceeded my expectations in regards to her knowledge and expertise of the legal system, her efficient communication skills, and her personal approach with me during the process of my divorce. I understand that my case was a difficult and unusual situation, but I appreciated her continued will to support, encourage, and provide me with knowledge of the legal system in a way that allowed me to make comprehensive decisions. Even both in and out of the Courtroom, she guided me through the process and fought to ensure that I was receiving a fair opportunity to have equal rights in the decision process of the divorce. Coupled with the fact that my divorce took an extreme amount of time, no fault of ours, and that due to unforeseen absences of my ex-wife, I truly appreciated her efforts and understand why Bowyer and Midtgard, P.C. would include her in the firm. She is of the highest caliber! In addition, Ms. Vicki Thompson was very helpful communicating with me my court date appointments, emailing me documents in a timely manner, and assisting me with knowing pertinent information. Her work ethic is exceptional and an asset in the process of completing my divorce. Elizabeth and Vicki make a great team! Therefore, please share my comments with Elizabeth and Vicki and let them know how much I have appreciated their efforts throughout the process of my divorce. Paul*

I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. You and your firm couldn't have done a better job. The way you handled my first court appearance was awesome. You made my ex-wife and her lawyer agree to everything I wanted from this divorce. All it took was two court appearances, and it was over. Thank you for making this horrible experience a lot easier to deal with. I can't thank you enough!!! Jason M and kids*

It is with pleasure that I write this note expounding the capabilities of Tracey Kane, a member of your law firm. After an introductory meeting with attorney, Jon Midtgard, I was referred to Ms. Kane. She listened to my account of the situation and my concerns, and then efficiently and expediently proceeded to solve the problem which involved an increase in child support and alimony from a divorce in 2010. I provided all documentation necessary, and she did the rest. It is the type of service one would hope for, but in many instances good service, promptness and rapport are not a top priority. Her knowledge and professionalism are impeccable. Your law firm should be proud to have her on staff as she is truly an asset. Derek*

I would like to thank you for helping me through such a hard time in my life. There is no way I could have made it through this without your guidance and direction. My head was spinning from all the motions that were filed against me. You kept me informed and up to date with everything. You always answered my questions. You stood by my side when it seemed like the court system was against me. There were so many dirty tricks by opposing counsel and my ex-wife. I feel proud that we never sank to their level. Lori Smith, you are one heck of an attorney and you have integrity. Rodney*

Well first, there are no words to say how satisfied and grateful I was with everything Eric did for me and my children. My situation seemed hopeless. I had been through two other lawyers who ended up doing nothing more than draining my wallet. I had both kids living with me but I was paying her for them to the tune of $2,900 per month. Just when I was about to give up, I contacted ADAM and the firm of Bowyer and Midtgard, P.C. They interviewed me and asked questions of the opposing counsel, and hand picked Mr. Eric Gloudemans to represent me. After a few meetings with Mr. Gloudemans, I was confident I had FINALLY found someone who could get me the help I desperately needed. And help he did. His professionalism and courtroom demeanor were impeccable. For the first time I felt comfortable and confident and hopeful. When the smoke cleared and it was over, I walked out of the courtroom in shock. Basically, my children were to remain with me, my child support was now gone, and she was now the payor as it should have always been. As I said previously, why, oh why, didn't I call ADAM first? As a note to anyone who reads this...I tried to go what I thought was the cheap way, and it ended up costing me thousands. However, this firm was less expensive from the start. I just didn't do my research well. I can't give a stronger recommendation because it isn't possible. This firm and Mr. Gloudemans, in particular, are top notch! Eric*

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the lengthy delay in getting this thank you letter to you. I would like to let you know what an outstanding job you did in handling my case. You accomplished in just one trip to court what my previous attorney could not successfully do in over one year and countless court appearances! I would not hesitate to hire you or your firm in the future. Additionally, I will definitely recommend your firm and you to anybody I may come across that needs an attorney that specializes in divorce/custody cases. I cannot thank and praise you enough. I appreciate all you have done for my son and me. Thank you again and best of luck! Scott*

On behalf of our son, Kenneth, we would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you handled his recent divorce. Because of his work hours and now his departure to Antarctica, we were the ones dealing with much of the communications with you and your staff. We feel you have been very respectful, articulate, and knowledgeable. You were also available when we needed to speak with you. Thank you so much for all your help and concern. Jon*

We don't know one another, however, I do know Mekel. I wanted to tell you that you have an excellent family law attorney in Mekel Miller. I had consulted with Brent at the recommendation of Judge Dick Halloran who is a very close personal friend of mine. It was Brent who recommended Mekel to my case. She was everything someone needs when going through a difficult situation like divorce with children involved. She was tough on opposing counsel when needed, and she was sympathetic to me, her client as needed. She argued fiercely for me, and in the end, I may not have gotten everything I wished for, but I got what I wanted: peace of mind. I know that Dick Halloran still tells me how fortunate I was to get Mekel on my side. Thanks for a great attorney. Dan*

I'm writing to thank Elizabeth J. Nacy for the wonderful job she did in handling my divorce. Elizabeth and her assistant, Vicki, went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I received everything that I was entitled to. Elizabeth and her staff were very professional and dedicated to the divorce proceedings. Even when Elizabeth had to go back and meet with the divorce lawyer for the other party about moving funds and delaying payment, she was firm and persistent. Once again, thank you to Elizabeth Nacy, Vicki, and the rest of the team for their hard work and for the extremely positive outcome of my case. I will be singing your praises for years to come, as well as recommending your firm's services to anyone and everyone who should have need of them. Ronald*

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me thus far. You truly fought with all your heart for Zachary and I, and I am so grateful to have you as my child custody lawyer. Zach and I are very appreciative for all of your hard work and the help you have provided us with during this battle. With your help, I have been able to spend more time with my son and had a wonderful summer with him. As you know, to me that is priceless and for this I am forever grateful. It has been great to have such an honest and understanding lawyer on my side. Things are looking up for Zach and I, and hopefully will get even better from here. I look forward to working with you again soon. Peter*

This letter is in regards to my attorney, Tracey Kane and her legal assistant, Sara Farris. They did a wonderful job handling my divorce and helping me through this very difficult time. They were always helpful and answered all of my questions with care and clarity. I was very happy with the outcome of my case and will certainly recommend Bowyer and Midtgard, P.C. and Tracey Kane to anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in my position. Jason*

Thanks Jon. You are in my opinion, one of the best, honest, and straight forward attorneys I know. I have passed your name on to a number of other friends and associates for obvious reasons. Larry*

All is going well so far with both me and the boys. They are accepting this rather well under the circumstances. I am still involved in their lives with all of their activities. Their mother seems to look rather tired and haggard lately. I think that her new life has really dealt her a bad hand of cards so to speak. Financially, I'm feeling the sting of a scaled down lifestyle, but as long as I can keep my home I'll be grateful. I hope that all has been well with you. I really enjoyed working with you and every time I hear a commercial on the radio for ADAM, I think about you with a smile on my face and in my heart. I appreciate everything you've done for me and I'll never forget you. James*

Thank you for all your time, help, and conversations. You made something that is very difficult to deal with more manageable. I also believe with your help you have given me a second chance with life, my finances, and most importantly, critical time with my daughters. If I can ever help you out, please don't hesitate to call me. Adam*

Thank you so much for handling my divorce. When I first walked into your office I was sure that this process would be the most gut-wrenching and difficult thing I have ever done. I was surprised and relieved at the simplicity and speed that you and your team processed the paperwork and got me to court. After all was said and done, I was stunned at the simplicity and speed of it all. There were some tense moments here at home, but all in all, this process from start to finish was almost easy. Tim*

Attorney, Mekel Miller represented me in a child support extension case. This case was the culmination of a 13 year battle with a hostile and litigious ex-wife acting in pro per. Attorney Miller handily finessed a ruling from a Judge who was clearly gender biased, unaware of and insensitive to MMS (Malicious Mother Syndrome), PAA (Parent Alienation Syndrome), and in violation of "Rules of Evidence'. Prior to the hearing, Ms. Miller intimated that a capable attorney presents the facts of the case in such a way that virtually rules out the possibility of bias from a prejudiced jurist, and that is precisely what Ms. Miller did. With less than three days to prepare and only one opportunity to argue, Ms. Miller was able to undo repeated miscarriages of justice. Despite the visceral and palpable ire of the Judge toward the Plaintiff, Ms. Miller was undaunted. She steadfastly objected until the Judge had no recourse but to admit her error in prematurely assessing the case, thus, forcing her to reverse her prior decision to grant the extension of child support beyond post-emancipation. Ms. Miller is to be commended for her professionalism, her articulate command of language and law, and her capable skills in dealing with a difficult Judge. Her legal assistant also capably intervened on behalf of my interests. Wesley*

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks concerning Brent Bowyer and his staff during my recent divorce. I came to your offices to file for divorce, pretty much ignorant of the whole process. I was assigned to Brent, and in just a few minutes he was able to settle my nerves and lay out the groundwork for what was to come. At the end of the first meeting the complaint was prepared and ready to be filed. As the legal process kicked in, I was faced with a lot of questions (due mostly to my own ignorance) and decision making. Even when Brent was in court, his legal assistant took my calls. She made sure that Brent addressed all of my questions and concerns promptly and efficiently. After all is said and done, your firm took what I thought would be the most difficult event I had ever been through and made it an almost easy process. Tim*

I wanted to take the time to express my most sincere appreciation for the representation that I received from your firm during my recent divorce, and specifically commend the work of Mekel Miller. From the onset of my divorce case when I met with you during the initial visit, I was very impressed with the level of representation that I received from your firm. After you assigned my case to Mekel, she was in contact with me within one day to discuss the details. During our very first discussion, I got the feeling that I had her undivided attention, even though she was representing several clients at the same time. Furthermore, Mekel's level of communication and dedication to my concerns, questions, comments, and most importantly, my case was impeccable. I found that Mekel and her legal assistant were more than proactive in communications, both verbal and electronic. I hope you realize that men considering divorce have many choices in the Greater Detroit area when trying to find an attorney. Personally, when I first considered searching for an attorney, I happened to hear a commercial on the radio for your firm and decided to call to find out more details. After my initial consultation, I knew that your firm was a fit for me and my case. After choosing ADAM and spending the last year with Mekel as my attorney, I am 100% confident that I made the right choice. As I have done in the past, I will continue to recommend Mekel and the entire firm to anyone considering divorce. Chad*

I am very pleased with the legal services provided by Mekel Miller. Mekel provided timely guidance through the divorce process and was very assertive when necessary with opposing counsel. My emails and questions were handled in a prompt manner and she kept me informed of her schedule so I could plan accordingly. Mekel acted in a professional manner at all times and treated me with respect. I was also impressed with your legal support team. I interfaced with several office personnel that performed very well at assisting me as required. John Z*

I just wanted to thank you for your help in my recent divorce. It was not a pleasant experience to start with, but your help and timely manner in which things were taken care of was greatly appreciated. I always felt that both your personal and professional approach to a very sensitive situation was helpful. My kids are doing well, and I have started to get adjusted to my new way of life. Thanks again, and I wish you and your family the best. Terry O*

After having a bad experience, we retained your firm to rectify the situation that our first attorney thought was a great solution. Mekel was our first experience with ADAM, and she was superb in her handling of our son's divorce case. Mekel achieved the outcome that should have been determined in the first instance. She was efficient; timely; kept us informed at all times either by phone, email or letter; firm with the opposing attorney; hard working; and, took control of all that needed to be done. Mekel proved we could place our complete trust and confidence in her. We never doubted her ability to help us and she did not let us down. We could be confident that she would take care of our legal matters without continually having to prompt her or remind her as we needed to do so in the past. Mekel should be the benchmark for all attorneys. Thank you so much for all you did for us Mekel! David D*

I feel very fortunate to have had Elizabeth as my attorney. I know I wasn't her only case, but she made me feel like she really took a personal interest. Her help in adjusting the parenting time meant the world to me. She helped me manage an intolerable situation and to emerge from this divorce far better than I thought I would. She made me feel like she really cared and it was nice to have her in my corner. I have no doubt that contacting your firm was the best move I could have made, and I would give your firm and Elizabeth a four star recommendation. James R*