Our Team

Jon M. Midtgard: Co-Owner and Partner ADAM, Southeastern Michigan

Jon Midtgard has always been fascinated with the rule of law and how it is supposed to protect good people going through difficult times.  Jon grew up in Pontiac and Clarkston, Michigan, the son of a special education/history teacher and a direct care worker for developmentally disabled adults. It was a household where education was valued and where history, government and current events were regularly discussed.  Jon is particularly grateful for his close relationship with his father as a child and into adulthood.  His father routinely worked 2 to 3 jobs but still found time to co-parent his four children and instilled in Jon a strong work ethic along with the values of justice, equality and civic responsibility. This relationship cemented Jon’s belief that children need both parents in their lives and laid the groundwork for his career protecting fathers’ rights in divorce and custody.

Jon studied at James Madison College/Michigan State University, graduating with honors in political theory and international relations. This program was a deep dive into the foundations of American politics and equal protection under the law. After considering a career in international diplomacy, Jon decided to attend law school. While attending the Detroit College of Law at night (in a building which is now right field at Comerica Park) Jon was fortunate to be hired as a full time law clerk by one of Michigan’s pre-eminent divorce and family law attorneys.  This experience introduced Jon to the value of the practice of family law and the positive difference a good lawyer could make for people in their time of need.  This Firm was involved in many of the important decisions that the Michigan Court of Appeals and Supreme Court handed down which still guide much of what we do in family law today.  Jon found working with clients going through divorce challenging but rewarding and realized his skill set lent itself to providing good advice and effective advocacy for his clients.  

Jon graduated from Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University and was licensed to practice in Michigan in 1996.  He parlayed his working experience in law school into an associate position at a well-respected firm for several years until he found his true calling at the American Divorce Association for Men. For nearly two decades he has been proud to represent countless men as they navigate this difficult time in their lives. He’s been an active participant in professional associations and has been honored to teach other family law lawyers at seminars and to speak on current family law topics in the media.

Jon turned a corner in his family law career when he became a father.  This has given him a true appreciation for the rewards and responsibilities of parenting and has made it easier to relate to men going through this process.  Jon understands how high the stakes are for his clients.

In addition to hanging out with his wife and son, Jon is a big time sports fan and enjoys working in his yard and around the house.  After watching his son train in the martial art Choi Kwang Do for a year, Jon followed in his footsteps and advanced in the program over many years to the rank of second degree black belt.  Jon has since become a head instructor at the Rochester Hills Academy of Mixed Martial Arts and enjoys training children and adults in self-defense, discipline and respect.  Even so, his son never misses the opportunity to remind him that he outranks Jon, and he couldn’t be more proud.