Our Team

Brent Bowyer: Co-Owner and Partner ADAM, Southeastern Michigan

Brent Bowyer is a co-owner and partner at ADAM. He faced divorce head-on at a very young age when at 8 years old his parents divorced. As a child, he didn't understand the impact a divorce would have on his suddenly changing life. His father, a lawyer and alcoholic, was gone, and his older sister no longer lived in the same house. It felt like everyone was leaving, and the people closest to him had failed him. He understands now that divorce can feel this way for his clients. There is an overwhelming sense of confusion, lack of direction and lack of trust for the adults as well as the children involved.

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Jon M. Midtgard: Co-Owner and Partner ADAM, Southeastern Michigan

Jon Midtgard has always been fascinated with the rule of law and how it is supposed to protect good people going through difficult times.  Jon grew up in Pontiac and Clarkston, Michigan, the son of a special education/history teacher and a direct care worker for developmentally disabled adults. It was a household where education was valued and where history, government and current events were regularly discussed.  Jon is particularly grateful for his close relationship with his father as a child and into adulthood.

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Elizabeth J. Nacy: Partner

Elizabeth J. Nacy is a partner at ADAM.  She is the youngest of six children raised by an engineer father and public school educator mother.  Her eldest two siblings were the product of her father’s first marriage.  In the early 1970’s, these siblings were unilaterally removed from Michigan to Florida by their mother, against father’s desires and in clear violation of a Court’s order.  Unfortunately, the Court took a very hands-off approach and did not force their return. Since this time, the State of Michigan has enacted protective legislation addressing change of domicile situations.

At a very young age, Elizabeth understood the pain of family separation and injustices of legal matters.  She has spent her entire legal career devoted to navigating complex family law matters, utilizing all forms of collaborative and alternative dispute resolution to craft creative solutions for families with the least amount of emotional impact for all involved.  She often finds herself sharing a favorite quote with clients who feel overwhelmed, lost and struggling with how to reboot following the emotional turmoil of family law matters, “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are at and change the ending.” C.S. Lewis.

In her personal time, Elizabeth enjoys spending as much time as possible with her adorable infant daughter, family and friends.  She enjoys working out, kayaking, planning parties and events, travel, music, cooking, bargain shopping, comedy, attending sporting events and craft beer festivals, along with anything related to her beloved Michigan State Spartans.

Elizabeth is a graduate of Michigan State University, James Madison College, where she earned a B.A. in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy with honors. She later earned her J.D. from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, where she graduated cum laude and returned to her Michigan roots to practice law.

Tracey A. Kane: Associate Attorney

Tracey Kane grew up in the Northern Oakland County area and is the daughter of an electrician and small business owner. She is the older of two children and maintains a close relationship with her parents and brother.

Since she was a little girl watching Michigan Football games with her father outfitted in the maize and blue cheerleading uniform she insisted on wearing, it was her dream to attend the University of Michigan. Around age 4 her father set her on the then AstroTurf of the Big House and told her she would go there one day. She made good on that with her 2004 graduation from the University of Michigan with a degree in Political Science. Her commencement in the Football Stadium with her family present is still one of her fondest memories. Her interest in equality and justice led Tracey to enroll in Wayne State University Law School where she earned her Juris Doctorate and was admitted to the State Bar of Michigan in 2007.

In her personal time, Tracey enjoys tending to her gardens and grows her own organic produce in the summer. Her two dogs, Teddey and Riley, love to try and help, but have not mastered much other than running through the hose. She and her husband try to make the most of the days off they share in the summer by getting out on the water in their fishing boat or taking in a baseball game. Either way, Tracey is almost guaranteed to have a current knitting project with her, a hobby she started early in her law career which brings her joy, relaxation and a creative outlet.

Since 2008 Tracey has practiced exclusively in the area of domestic relations law in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb and Washtenaw counties. She is proud to have built a career helping individuals and families navigate what can be one of the most difficult situations they will ever face.

Frank L. Briguglio: Associate Attorney

Frank Briguglio is an associate attorney with at ADAM. Born in Los Angeles, California he soon relocated to Macomb County, Michigan where he has spent his entire life. He is the son of Italian immigrants. Frank understands the important role that fathers have in a young child’s life as Frank’s father, Joe, has always been his biggest role model. His father came from a very modest upbringing in Southern Italy before he came to America with literally a suitcase and less than $100.00 in his pocket. Joe was a member of the Carpenters and Millwrights Union and built a good middle class life for his family through hard work, determination and a good attitude to the challenges he faced. Having seen this all of this life Frank applies that same ethic inside and outside of the courtroom.

Frank is an alumnus of De La Salle Collegiate in Warren Michigan. He received his Bachelors in Business Management from Oakland University and his law Degree from the University Of Detroit Mercy School Of Law. Frank also holds a certificate from the Institute of Continuing Legal Education in the area of family law. Frank has been nominated as Super Lawyer Rising Star in Family law, and a DBusiness Top Lawyer.

Frank presently serves as the Treasurer of the Macomb County Bar Association and will eventually ascend to be one of the youngest Presidents of the Macomb County Bar Association, at the age of 39. He is also a member of the Italian American Bar of Michigan and is actively involved in its events.

Frank currently resides in Clinton Township, Michigan with his lovely wife Rita who is herself a refugee from war-torn Iraq. This gives Frank a unique perspective of both European/Western culture, as well as insight into Middle Eastern culture and their views on the marital relationship and families. He is also the father to a baby girl who is the center of his world.

In his personal time, he enjoys spending time with family and attempting home improvements on his home, often with hilarious results.


Steven D Reinheimer: Associate Attorney

Steven Reinheimer started practicing law before the turn of the century and has spent the vast majority of that time focusing on the practice of family law.

Steven was born and raised in the metro-Detroit area, leaving only to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in advertising from Michigan State University. He is the son of a very wise certified public accountant and a very caring stay-at-home mother who also served as a volunteer secretary at his elementary school. He is the product of a public school education and spent the summers of his youth racing his father’s 35-foot sloop on Lake St. Clair. He is a veteran of 17 Port Huron-to- Mackinac yacht races as well as several Chicago-to-Mackinac races. Mackinac Island remains as one of Steven’s favorite vacation destinations.

The time spent sailing gave Steven an appreciation for the beauty of the northern Michigan outdoors as well as a sense of humor common to the middle-aged friends of his father, who were also members of the crew. Steven has many fond memories of all those conversations and experiences, both serious and silly, and remains grateful for all of the life lessons learned. “Getting there is half of the fun” is but one of many such lessons.

Steven stumbled into the practice of family law after earning his Juris Doctorate from the Detroit College of Law, and soon discovered that he had a knack for helping people get through a very challenging time in their lives. Now a seasoned advocate in family law matters in Michigan, he has served as both vice-chair and chair of the Oakland County Bar Association Family Court Committee, and was elected by his peers for multiple terms as council member of the State Bar of Michigan Family Law Section, where he continues to serve. These positions put him at the center of helping to shape laws that impact family law practice in Michigan.

Gregory J. Calabrese: Associate Attorney

Greg Calabrese is a lifelong Michigan resident, having been raised in Wayne County by his parents, an engineer and a high school teacher. His parents taught him the values and meaning of discipline and hard work from an early age and he carries those lessons with him to this day. Growing up, Greg enjoyed being active and participated in several extra-curricular activities such as swimming, soccer, and baseball. Since 2000, he has been a certified United States Soccer Federation Referee and has become an official through Michigan High School Athletic Association.

Greg is a proud graduate of Albion College where he obtained degrees in Political Science and Sociology while participating in various social and academic societies including the Sigma Chi Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Delta and Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Societies.  Upon graduation, he attended Michigan State University College of Law from where he obtained his Juris Doctorate degree along with multiple academic awards and achievements.

Prior to his time with ADAM, Greg was self-employed and practiced law in various disciplines, but always had a focus in family law. He has always had a practical approach to practicing law and gives his clients straight forward advice and outlooks on their cases. Greg prides himself on his patience and ability to work well with almost every other opposing counsel. Although he isn’t afraid to stick up for his clients when necessary, this approach can often lead to exceptional results for his clients.

Sandra McKee: Firm Administrator

Having grown up the fourth of five children and the youngest of four daughters in a very traditional Italian household, Sandra learned a strong work ethic early on. Her father was a self-made residential builder/architect and her mother was a “before-her-time” very independent and complimentary partner to him in marriage, family and business. As children of Ellis Island immigrants and having lived through the depression, her parents were old fashioned in many ways but they saw the world changing for women in particular and encouraged their daughters to be self-reliant and independent thinkers as adults (something they would often regret once the girls were teenagers).

Following a local college career, Sandra advanced through a few software solutions corporations from executive assistant to CEO’s, office manager and sales before joining ADAM 20 years ago. She works behind the scenes managing the details that make the law firm a stable business entity and ensuring the staff has the necessary tools to provide ADAM clients with the exceptional representation they’ve come to expect.

Sandra has been married for 34 years and credits gratitude, tenacity and her husband’s sense of humor for getting through the seasons of good times and bad. They have three adult children who she feels have taught her as much as she has taught them. All of them still live locally in Macomb County and enjoy spending time as a family together. Sandra is a dog lover and would rescue/adopt unlimited numbers if not for her husband’s voice of reason. She is also an avid reader and finds small moments of peace planting and tending gardens.

LaJean Maxwell: Legal Assistant

LaJean Maxwell has been a legal assistant for 26 years - 17 of them with ADAM. While some of the faces have changed and dynamics have evolved over the years, LaJean has never wavered from her strong commitment to upholding ADAM’s 30 year mission providing administrative support to multiple attorneys with expertise. Clients frequently express their gratitude for her compassion and helpfulness.

LaJean attended Central Michigan University while she worked full time and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. Her grandchildren are the light of her life. She also enjoys cooking, the sounds of great music and getting together with friends.

Samantha Bromley: Legal Assistant

Samantha is a legal assistant with ADAM. In this role, she supports multiple attorneys juggling schedules, processing day-to-day assignments and helping clients. Samantha earned her Associates degree in Business with a concentration in legal studies, and currently continues her education. She has more than 3 years of legal assistant experience in general litigation, primarily family law.

When Samantha is not working or studying, she is spending time with her horse and competing around the state.