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The Wedding Ring

What happens to your wife’s wedding ring if you get divorced? Michigan law says that if you go through with the wedding, the wedding ring is considered a gift, and therefore, it’s hers to keep.

If you get a divorce, even if it’s only a short time after the marriage, you have no rights legally to demand that your wife return the wedding ring to you. Wedding rings can have considerable value, and the stakes are sometimes high.

According to Michigan Law, engagement rings are a different story. It is generally the case that, if you give someone an engagement ring and the wedding is cancelled, you have the right to legally get back the ring.

The leading case in Michigan on these two issues is Meyer vs. Mitnick, 244 Mich. App. 697,625 N.W.2d 136 (2001). The engagement ring is seen as a conditional gift given in contemplation of marriage. It is important to discuss all the circumstances of a particular legal issue with your attorney.

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