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The Ten Year Anniversary Question

Clients often ask, “Is it better to get divorced before my ten year anniversary?” The ten year anniversary has no particular relevance to Michigan divorce law. Being married nine years or ten years is basically the same as it relates to divorce.

In Michigan, there is no specific number of years that you need to be married before certain benefits come into play, such as spousal support (alimony), retirement accounts, or any other asset or issue in your case. Michigan does not codify, or make laws, about a certain number of years having any particular meaning under our laws when it comes to divorce.

However, a decade or short of a decade can have significance as it relates to social security benefits. Specifically, your wife may be able to qualify for benefits under social security as a divorced spouse if you are married for ten years; and if she falls short of the ten years, she will not qualify under your social security benefits. It is important to note that this in no way reduces your social security benefits. It only affects the amount your ex-wife will receive in benefits.

In general, the longer you have been married, the more that may be at stake. It’s important to discuss the specifics of your divorce matter with an attorney before making any decisions.

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