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Pre/Post-Nuptial Agreements

Pre And Post Nuptial Agreements | ADAM - 273109_pre_post_nuptial

Prenuptial, or “ante nuptial”, agreements are contracts relating to property made between two persons in contemplation of marriage. These agreements, when prepared properly, are enforceable in Michigan.

Such an agreement enables you and your fiancé to determine your own financial future and/or obligations for support should the marriage later be terminated by a court. This can allow for some financial certainty in the event of a divorce.
Postnuptial agreements are contracts entered into between two people who are already married. Such an agreement is used to address how property rights and any rights or obligations for support are to be handled if the marriage later ends in divorce. A postnuptial agreement, when drafted and entered into properly, is enforceable in the event of divorce in Michigan. With a purpose similar to prenuptial agreements, this contract can allow for some financial certainty in the event of a divorce.



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