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Aggressive Family Law Appeals 

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You have the right to appeal an unfavorable decision.

The Southfield ADAM appellate attorneys are skilled in law and motion. If you or your attorney feels the trial judge may have misinterpreted the law, allowed evidence to be heard that should not have been admitted, or did not allow evidence that could have affected the decision, you need an appellate attorney.

If you are considering filing a notice of appeal in metro-Detroit, call ADAM immediately. You only have 30-45 days from the date of judgment to file the notice. Divorce appeals are the most difficult form of post judgment litigation. Your best chance for a favorable outcome is an experienced family law appellate attorney. 



ADAM appellate attorneys can help you:

  • Responding to threats of appeal from former spouse
  • Determining if you have a case for appeal
  • Preserving your case for appeal
  • Filing for appeal
  • Post judgment representation

Appealable issues include:

  • Failure to make sufficient finding of fact 
  • Failure to make sufficient conclusions of law
  • Child support is inconsistent with the range of awards normally given
  • Spousal support is inconsistent with the range of awards normally given
  • The decision was based on legal conclusions without careful analysis of the law or of the evidence



ADAM attorneys are experienced in appellate law and have been fighting for parental rights since 1988. Call 248-356-ADAM (2326) for a fighting chance.


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