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Child Support

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There are a number of factors used to determine the amount of child support that will be paid to one party or the other.

Some of the factors used to determine child support are:

  • Net Monthly Income of Both Parents
  • Number of Children Supported by Parent
  • Cost of Health Insurance for the Child(ren)
  • Percentage of Overnight Stays with Each Parent


    In some cases, child support may not necessarily be ordered based on the child support guidelines.

    If an agreement has been made between the mother and father, the parties will have to request the Court to allow a deviation from the child support guidelines. In addition to child support, there are also calculations to be made for ordinary medical expenses for the child. Ordinary medical expenses include a standard amount per child, per year. Child care expenses may also be factored based on the age of the child(ren). Included with a child support amount is an allocation of work-related child care expenses for the child.



    At ADAM, we will aggressively fight for a fair child support determination, whether our client is the one paying or receiving the child support. Of course, the final say in the amount of child support ordered for a party comes from the Judge assigned to the case. Call today for a free phone consultation pertaining to the determination of child support.


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