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Change of Domicile

Change Of Domicile | Southfield | ADAM Association For Men - 296855_father_son

Michigan law prohibits a proposed move with your children out of state without consent.

A pre-existing order regarding custody or parenting time will restrict a change of domicile without court order or consent of the other parent. Moving children more than 100 miles from their current residence is also prohibited and the laws governing the 100 Mile Rule are similar. Exercising parenting time long distance often becomes complicated and expensive, and without compromise, the situation can quickly become contentious between the parents.



Before granting a change of domicile, the courts will consider many factors such as:

  • Whether the move will improve the quality of life for both the child(ren) and parent
  • How parenting time has been handled in the past between the parties and whether a move may be used to intentionally deter parenting time
  • Whether the relationship can be preserved between the parent and child(ren)



Our skilled attorneys can guide you through this process and ensure that your child(ren)’s best interests are the first priority. Even when the Court may be inclined to grant a change of domicile or a move in excess of 100 miles, good representation from ADAM can negotiate or litigate favorable terms if you are the "left behind" parent in issues such as transportation and extended parenting time. Contact ADAM today to discuss the basis for a change of domicile.


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