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Arrearages Southfield MI - Child Support Attorney - ADAM | American Divorce Association for Men - 273099_arrearages_child_support

Ignoring past due child support or spousal support amounts (also known as arrearages) can have serious consequences, both civil and criminal.

It is always better to consistently make some payment, even if it is not the entire amount due, than it is to completely ignore the support obligation. When there are changes to employment or income, often filing timely motions to modify support can prevent support arrearages in the first place.

Changes in current address or employment can affect support withholding from your paycheck so it is also important to keep the Friend of the Court informed of any changes. Just because support isn't being withheld from your paycheck, doesn't mean you don't owe it. In certain cases, depending upon to whom the child support is owed, you may qualify for an amnesty program to reduce your past due support.



Even if you do owe arrears, you should contact ADAM for a free phone consultation and seek relief from common computer generated income withholding orders that fail to take into consideration your expenses and other circumstances.


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