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Michigan's Most Trusted Adoption Attorney 

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Birth Parent and Adoptive Parent Representation 

ADAM is dedicated to helping couples and individuals navigate the legal system to realize their dreams of building a family. While it is possible to go through the relatively complicated process alone, having a qualified adoption attorney on your side will make the process smoother and can be the difference between having the child and giving the child back. 

Understanding Michigan Adoption Laws

ADAM represents Oakland county and Livingston county adoptive parents and birth parents experiencing challenges during the adoption process. If you are planning to adopt a child or involved in the adoption process; having an experienced adoption attorney who understands the laws and can protect your rights is key to a favorable outcome.



ADAM adoption services include:

  • Direct Adoption
  • Agency Adoption
  • Step Parent Adoption
  • Grand Parent Adoption
  • Relative Adoption
  • Special Needs Adoption
  • Guardianship
  • Surrogacy

Adoption issues ADAM can help you with:

  • Adoption Disruption
  • Adoption Dissolution
  • Birth Parent Changed Mind
  • Adoptive Parent Changed Mind
  • Adoptee Refuses Adoption
  • Birth Father Rights
  • Birth Mother Rights



The attorneys at ADAM law firm have been fighting for parental rights since 1988. If you are involved in the Michigan adoption process, know your rights. Call the Southfield ADAM office for an experienced, adoption attorney:  248-356-ADAM.


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