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American Divorce Association for Men (ADAM) has been protecting men's rights in Ferndale divorce cases for years. We are firmly dedicated to being Michigan's top divorce attorneys for men. We are a team of highly qualified attorneys who will advocate for your rights rights in divorce, child custody, paternity, property settlement, post judgment modifications, and a vast array of other family law matters.

ADAM has a proven record of effective legal leadership throughout the Michigan Court System. We pride ourselves on providing the best family law representation in the Southeast Michigan since 1988. Whether your case is simple or complicated, you can expect thorough, ethical, and professional services that are tailored to your specific situation.

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As your trusted legal representative, ADAM will provide you with both strength and sensitivity. Our approach is to listen, return calls promptly, keep our clients prepared and informed, and understand their priorities and concerns. Our clients greatly benefit from a team of understanding and skilled family law attorneys who have experienced a myriad of successful mediations and trials. You can expect professional service unique to your needs.

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Divorce is never part of the plan when a marriage takes place. However, when divorce is the resolution to marital discord, men and women often bring different perspectives to the process. The emotional stress of the loss of a relationship, coupled with the possibility of an unpleasant trial in court and the unknown fate of your future, can feel overwhelming and affect your ability to pursue a satisfactory outcome. ADAM is a strong supporter of alternative dispute resolution, which enables us to always make the client's emotional and financial well-being a priority. If a case can be resolved, it will be.

Our entire staff is dedicated to vigorously standing up for our clients and protecting their rights throughout the course of a divorce. By discussing your unique situation, options and goals for the outcome of the case, we can effectively strategize and determine the best course of action to take in order to protect your best interests.

Alimony / Spousal Support

Any consideration of alimony begins with an analysis of "need" and "ability to pay." We emphasize to our clients the importance of accurately and timely providing the necessary documents and information we need to provide counsel to them in this area. No one receives an award of alimony absent a demonstrated need, no matter the income of the other party.

Likewise, there is often need on the part of one spouse for additional income to cover monthly expenses, but no ability to pay on the part of the other spouse. Both elements must be met before an award is made. Additionally, it is not the parties who determine their need, or their ability to pay, but rather the law that defines the critical elements of need, income, ability and duration.

We've helped hundreds of clients throughout Michigan:

"While I was watching my daughter rehearse for play practice I realized how thankful I am for all of your help. When you first took my case I'm sure your initial thought was not positive toward me, after all, I was just another case. If not for your help, I would probably not be having that time or, any time with my daughter. My daughter is and has always been my only concern and will continue to be. Sorry this may sound sappy, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all that you have given back to me. My daughter told me last night before bed that she never wants to lose me again. This isn't the last time I will tell you this, but thanks again."* Edward Johansen

"I received the best advice from the attorney who handled my case. What a relief to know that our case was championed by such a winning team! Thank you A.D.A.M."* Janyse Heidy

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