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Top Lawyer

Review articles and helpful tips on Men's divorce issues - wartell

Douglas Wartell named Top Lawyer by Detroit Business Magazine.

Story of a Single Dad

Review articles and helpful tips on Men's divorce issues - 273092_divorce_legal_representation

This local dad shares his story in what could be a growing trend.

Revolt of the Ex-Husbands

Review articles and helpful tips on Men's divorce issues - 273094_custody_parenting_visitation

Can either party win when a marriage disintegrates?

Benchmark Magazine Article

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ADAM discusses domestic law with Benchmark Magazine.

Getting To Know

Review articles and helpful tips on Men's divorce issues - midtgard

Oakland County Legal News interviews Jon Midtgard



American Divorce Association for Men

What to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Divorce

Review articles and helpful tips on Men's divorce issues - Contemplating_DivorceBefore you make the final decision to end your marriage, it may be helpful to think through a number of aspects surrounding your marriage and life, in general. The Huffington Post recently released an article titled, “ 10 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting A Divorce .” The article highlighted the following questions as extremely important items to consider before divorce. We’ve added our own thoughts in between each question noted. 1. “Do I honestly see myself spending the rest of my life with this person as my companion?” If the answer is no, then you’re in a good position to start thinking through divorce as a serious option. If the answer is yes, some deeper soul-searching might be required before making a decision. 2. “Is staying together more harmful than good , for us and for the kids?” Consider the mental and physical health of yourself, your wife, and especially your children. If your relationship has become toxic to any party involved, consi...

Settling Down: Alternative Dispute Resolution Option...

Review articles and helpful tips on Men's divorce issues - 283851_child_support_attorneys_2When most people think about divorce, they imagine a couple incessantly bickering over a million and one items that once held their marriage together. The reality is that divorce doesn’t have to be handled with hostility. Many men are surprised to learn about the alternative dispute resolution options available, which we’ll detail here: 1. Arbitration . Arbitration is a dispute resolution method that brings in a third party to act as a decision maker and complete the case. This third party is ideally a lawyer neutral to either disputing party, and agrees to hear out both sides of an argument, weighing the issues presented. 2. Mediation . Mediation is similar in many ways to arbitration. The primary difference is that the neutral third party in mediation serves more as a guide to the negotiation process, as opposed to a decision-maker. The third-party is mainly present to help the disputing parties come to an agreement wherein both sides are agreed. 3. Collaborative ...

Telling the Kids About Your Divorce

Review articles and helpful tips on Men's divorce issues - 273107_judge_modification_settlementThere is no easy way to tell your children that you and their mother are getting a divorce. Although the divorce process can be difficult on the couple making the split, it can also have an effect on the children involved. While there is no way to completely alleviate the pain involved with breaking the news about your divorce, there are a few things you can do to soften the blow. About ADAM (American Divorce Association for Men) The American Divorce Association for Men (ADAM) is a group of highly qualified attorneys who advocate for men’s rights in divorce, child custody and parenting time, paternity, support, property settlement, post judgment modifications, and other family law matters. Since 1988, ADAM has been aggressive, diligent, and uncompromising when representing their clients. A team of compassionate and skilled family law attorneys, ADAM is dedicated to being Michigan’s leading divorce attorneys for men and practices a policy of integrity in all dealings. Amer...

Prenuptial Agreements: What You Need to Know

Review articles and helpful tips on Men's divorce issues - 481470751You’re getting married – congratulations! You’re about to enter a legally binding union with someone you love and respect, a joyous occasion without a doubt. While you have every reason to be excited over the coming union, there are some things that you should know before walking to the altar – namely, what a prenuptial agreement can do for you and your spouse. Many people dislike the idea of a prenuptial agreement, insisting that forcing legal documents outlining guidelines for an end to a marriage that hasn’t yet happened is dooming the union to failure. However, a prenuptial agreement (a/k/a an ante nuptial agreement) is set in place not to predict failure, but to protect both parties from potential damages that may ensue should the absolute worst (and unexpected) occur. A prenuptial agreement will typically address issues such as property ownership, division of assets, debts, and income, and serves as a roadmap in the event of a divorce. Both parties are required to agree...


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